FAQ - Customer Management

How to add a new Customer?

Select Customer to access the customer management.

add new customer

 Select on Customer to access the customer listing.

add new customer 2

 Select New to add a new customer.

add new customer 3

Enter the mandatory fields marked with * .

You can leave the Code as #AUTO, as it will use the defined reference code in the setting.

Save the Customer after you have completed entering the information.

Select Save - It will save and direct you back to Customer listing.

Select Save & Next - It will save and direct you to add a new Customer.

Select Apply - It will save and remain on the created Customer for review.

add new customer 4

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 How to edit/update a Customer?

At Customer Listing page, click on the Pencil or select the Customer to access the Customer information page.

edit customer

edit customer 2


If you have clicked on the customer name to edit, it will direct you to a View Only page. At the customer information page, select EDIT to allow editing of the customer information.

edit customer 3

 How to delete a Customer?

  1. At Customer Listing page, select the checkbox of the customer that you like to delete.
  2. Select the DELETE to delete the customer from the list.

delete customer

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 How do I find a Customer?

At Customer Listing, at each specify column, you can search by entering the string of character related to that column and press Enter.

For example:

Search a Name

- You can type “Lim”, in the Name column, it will list all the customers with name containing “Lim” Search a Telephone.

- You can type “3337” in the Telephone column, it will list all the customers with mobile number containing “3337”.

find customer

 Can I unpublish/de-activate a Customer?

Customer with the status changed to Unpublish, the record will still be searchable under Customer Listing. The customer will not appear in other transaction.

  1. At the Customer Listing, select the check box of the customer that you like to unpublish.
  2. Select PUBLISH / UNPUBLISH to change the status of the customer.
  3. You can directly click on the green color tick, under the Published column to change the status of the particular customer.

unpublish customer

 Why I can’t delete the Customer?

When you like to delete a customer and it prompt out the following error message,

“Cannot delete the following record(s): …”

This is probably this customer is being used in other transaction, e.g in appointment.

In order to delete the customer, you must delete away all related transaction.

cant delete customer

 How to print/export out the Customer list?

  1. Select Report.
  2. Select Customer List.

print customer list

 You can choose the filters and select the parameters that you like to see in the customer list upon generation. Press Generate to view the list of customers.

print customer list 2

 Select Print/Export to get the list of customers from WESS.

print customer list 3

 How to let my customer self enter their own profile?

At Customer, Select NEW.

customer self enter

Select the Programme that the Customer are enroll to.

customer self enter 2


Customer enter the General Information.

customer self enter 3

 Customer enter the Other Information.

customer self enter 4

 Customer enter the Consultancy Questions related to the Programme selected earlier.

customer self enter 5

 How to import customer prepaid balance and money due to WESS?

When start to use WESS, you might need to move the data over which is either from your previous software / excel / manual paper recording.

In WESS, there is a feature, CUSTOMER OPENING BALANCE that could handle previous records neatly. Customer’s Due Balance and Prepaid Services can be transfer over to WESS.

Under Sale & Appointment, Select CUSTOMER OPENING BALANCE.

move services from system to wess

 At the Customer Opening Balance Listing, Select NEW to create a New Opening.

move services from system to wess 2

 Enter the Customer Name.

move services from system to wess 3

 Enter the Due amount and select the ‘Add’ Button.

move services from system to wess 4

 Enter the Prepaid Item amount and select the ‘Add’ Button.

move services from system to wess 5

 After you have done with entering the Due and Prepaid Item, Save.

The updated opening balance will be shown in the Customer Profile.

move services from system to wess 6

 How to control customer data sharing among branches?

Customer sharing among branches can be defined. With customer sharing turn on among branches, Customer’s data will be visible and prepaid items can be consumed at the sharing branches.

At Setting, Select BRANCH to access the Branch Listing.

control customer data sharing

 Select the Pencil button to edit the Branch.

control customer data sharing 1

 Under PREFERENCE, at Customer Sharing, select the Branch that you like to share with.

control customer data sharing 2


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