How to manage Customers that shared their prepaid services?

p>At Customer LIst below, Winnie like to share all her prepaid services with her friend, Joel.

customer shared services

 Select Winnie and edit Winnie’s detail. Under the General tab, at the Sharing Account, uncheck the checkbox and save.

customer shared services 2

 This will create a sharing account code for Winnie.

customer shared services 3

 Back to the Customer List, search for Joel (the customer where Winnie like to share with). Select Joel detail and edit. Enter “winnie” into the Sharing Account, Winnie shall appear and available for selection. Select “Winnie” and save.

customer shared services 4

 You will find that Winnie and Joel will be sharing the same code for Sharing Account. In future, all prepaid services will be shared between them.

customer shared services 5

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