Customer Setting

Define Customer’s code in running sequence

  1.  Select Setting
  2.  Select Reference Code to manage the running number. 

customer setting code1

 At the Reference Code,

  1. Select Customer from the drop down box.
  2. Select the Pencil to edit the running number for the Customer Code.

customer setting code2

 At the Reference Code for Customer,

  1. This is the Next running number of the Customer Code
  2. Enter the details of the Customer Code.
  3. Select Save/Apply when done.

customer setting code3

  Create Customer Group

Select Setting.

customer setting group1

Select Customer Group to manage the grouping for the customer.

customer setting group2

Select New to create a new Customer Group.

customer setting group3

Fill in the information for the group, e.g the % discount special for this group, the reward point. 

Select Save when done.

customer setting group4

 Setup Consultancy Question

 Select Setting.

customer setting consultancy1


customer setting consultancy2

Select New to create a Consultancy Question

customer setting consultancy3

 At Consultancy Question, enter the information.

  1. Under the General, enter the 
    • Numbering: The number appear infront of Question.
    • Question: The description of the question.
    • Programme: This question belong to which programme.
    • Type: The design of the Question's items being dispay.
    • Image: Allow to include image.
  2. Under the Items, enter the
    • Value: The text that appear for the question
    • Add Remark Field: Additional remark for the text.
    • Remark Field Size: The size allow for the remark field. 
  3. Select Save when done.

customer setting consultancy4

 When done, the consultancy question created above will look like this.

customer setting consultancy5


 Setup Loyalty Setting

Select Setting.

customer setting loyalty1


customer setting loyalty2

At Loyalty Setting, do the setting.

  1. At Purchasing Point, select the option on how the point is caculate.
  2. Referral Point, set the number of points for referring a new customer.
  3. Select Save when done.

customer setting loyalty3

 Setup Marketing Technique

Select Setting.

customer setting marketing1

Select Marketing Technique.

customer setting marketing2

Select New to create a Marketing Technique.

customer setting marketing3

At Marketing Technique,

  1. Enter a new Marketing Tecnnique.
  2. Select Save when done.

customer setting marketing4

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