Treatment History

At customer detail, under the TREATMENT HISTORY tab.

How to record the service history for the Customer?

You can record down all the history, the treatment records, comments of the service after each visit.

record service history11.jpg

 Under the Latest Treatment History, select the Treatment’s Reference No.

record service history 22.jpg

 Select the Add Treatment Comment icon.

record service history 3

 At the Treatment Comment, Select the employee.

record service history 4

 Under the Comments, you can enter the comments, treatment steps for this particular programme.

record service history 5

 For editing the comments, press on the comment and it will transform to text box for editing and 2x more buttons appear. The following are the buttons.

Select to Update : After editing, you shall press this icon to update.

Select to Cancel Edit : Discard the changes made to the comment.

Select to Delete : Remove the comment.

record service history 6

 You could also upload related picture.

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