FAQ - Product & Service

How to design the Section & Category?

You can design the Section & Category in the following manner.

  1. Create Brand Name under Section, e.g Dermalogica
  2. Create brand series under the brand, e.g Face, Body, Eye, as Cateogry.


  1. Create the main service as Section, e.g Facial, Body, Nail
  2. Create the brand name under the main service, e.g Dermalogical as Category


You can further simplify to only use either Section Or Category.

- To create a new Section:

  • Select Setting.
  • design section category

  •  Select ‘PRODUCT SECTION’ to access the section listing.
  • design section category 2

  •  Select New to add a new Section.
  • design section category 3

  •  Enter the Name of the section and Save.
  • design section category 4

  •  - To create a new Category:
  • Select PRODUCT CATEGORY to access the category listing.
  • design section category 5

  •  Select New to add a new Category.
  • design section category 6

  •  Enter the Name of the Category and Save.
  • design section category 7

 How to add an item?

  1. Select Product & Service to access the Product, Service, Package & Coupon.
  2. Select RETAIL PRODUCT to access the retail product listing.
  3. add item

  •  Select ‘NEW’ to add a new product.
  • add item 2

  •  Enter the mandatory fields marked with * .
  • You can leave the ‘Code’ as #AUTO, as it will use the defined reference code in the setting.
  • Save the Product after you have completed entering the information.
  • add item 3

Can I use my custom item code?

Yes, you can enter the custom code for the Item. Overwrite the #AUTO with your own customer code when creating a new Item. If the custom code is in sequence, we suggest the code to be manage by WESS at reference code setting.

custom item code

 How to edit/update an Item?

  • At Product Listing page, click on the Pencil to access the product information page.
  • edit update an item

  •  If you have clicked on the Product name to edit, it will direct you to a View Only page.
  • edit update an item 2

  •  At the Product information page, select ‘EDIT’ to allow editing of the Product information.
  • edit update an item 3

 How to delete an Item?

  1. At Product Listing page, select the checkbox of the Product that you like to delete.
  2. Select the DELETE to delete the Product from the list.

delete item

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 How do I find an Item?

  • At Product Listing, at each specify column, you can search by entering the string of character related to that column and press Enter,
  • For example:
  • Search a Name
    1. - You can type “facial”, in the Name column, it will list all the products with name containing “facial”. Search a Telephone
    2. - You can type “Face” under Section, it will list all the products under “Face” Section.

    find item

 How to unpublish/de-activate an Item?

  • Product with the status changed to Unpublish, the record will still be searchable under Item Listing. The product will not appear in other transaction.
    1. At the Product Listing, select the check box of the Product that you like to unpublish.
    2. Select PUBLISH / UNPUBLISH to change the status of the Product.
    3. You can directly click on the green color tick, under the Published column to change the status of the particular Product.
  • unpublish item

 Why the Item can’t be deleted?

  • When you like to delete a Product and it prompt out the following error message,
    “Cannot delete the following record(s)…”
  • This is probably this Product is being used in other transaction, e.g in Sale Ticket.
  • In order to delete the customer, you must delete away all related transaction.
  • cant delete item

 How to set a promotion for an item?

  1. Select PROMOTION tab in Service Detail.
  2. At Promotion, select the
    • Promotion Type : Select from a defined list of promotion.
    • Promotion Period : Control the validity of the promotion period.
    • Promotion Price : You can set the promotion price.
    • Limit Qty : Control the number allow to sell.
  3. At Special Pricing, you can tie a Price Group with a Special Price.
  • During Sale, if the ‘Price Group’ is specified, it will use the Special Price instead.
  • promotion item

     How to design the loyalty point of an Item?

    1. Select LOYALTY tab in Service Detail.
    2. At Reward, check the box ‘Always use this reward point’ if a fix reward is supposed to be rewarded regardless of the price sold.
    3. At Redemption, you can specify the Reward Point and the Redeem Price.
    • Redeem Point : How many points needed to redeem this service?
    • Redeem Price : How much need to pay to redeem this service?
    • E.g Redeem Point: 100, Redeem Price: 0
    • 100 points is needed to redeem this service without additional top up.
    • E.g Redeem Point 50, Redeem Price: $45

    • 50 points is needed to redeem this service with $45 additional top up.

    design loyalty item

     Control sharing of item between branches?

    • Select BRACH MANAGEMENT tab in Service Detail.
    • Visibility : Select All to allow sharing among branches.
    • control sharing item

    •  At Visibility, select Select… to able to choose which branch the Service shall share to.
    • Check the box beside the Branch to determine the Service is shared to the Branch.
    • control sharing item 2

     What is the FOC in the item?

    Item can set to allow FOC during the sale and retain its selling price. There will be report showing how many Item is sell as FOC.

    FOC item

     How to control the lowest price that an item can be sold?

    • At the Lowest Price, key in the value of the Lowest Price.
    • Item cannot sell below the Lowest Price.
    • control lowest price item

     How to I print/export the item?

    • Select Report
    • print item

    •  Select one of the Item List.
    • print item 2

    •  E.g Product List, you can choose the filters and select the parameters that you like to see in the Product list upon generation.
    • Press Generate to view the list of customers.
    • print item 3

    •  Select Print/Export to get the list of Products from WESS.
    • print item 4


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