Retail / Salon Product

What is different between retail product and salon product?

  • Retail product are product that are for selling to customer.
  • Salon Product are product that are for internal salon usage.

product salon product

  •  Salon Product has an option to allow For Sale.
  • By choosing Yes, the salon product will be ready for Sell like Retail Product.

product salon product 2

  •  Salon Product’s Inventory can be control in a more precise method by determine the Usage Per Unit.
  • Usage Per Unit: It is the number of times that the a unit of salon product can be used before it is consider as deduction.
  • e.g Usage Per Unit: 10, This Salon Product can be used 10x times with Facial Service before 1 unit consider as deduction.

product salon product 3

 How to input barcode label?

  • At Product Information, under GENERAL tab.
  • Barcode : Enter the barcode of the product here.
  • You can look for the product by scanning the barcode of the product.
  • Tips: Some product, there is no barcode. You could use barcode generator software like Zint to generate the barcode.


 See the stock level of the product.

  • At Product Detail, under the STOCK CONTROL tab.
  • Stock Balance : The QTY of stock in WESS.
  • Stock Control : Specify the Minimum Qty, Maximum Qty and Re-Order Qty.
  • In Reporting, Inventory Control Report, it will highlight which product is below the Minimum Qty or Maximum Qty.

stock level of product

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