How to create service?

For adding a new product,

  1. Select Product & Service to access the Product, Service, Package & Coupon.
  2. Select Service.

    sell service

  3. Click the new button.

    sell service

  4. Fill in the necessary information.

    sell service

    1. Code:Enter service code else the system will auto generate.
    2. Name:Enter service name
    3. Processing Time (Mins) : Enter the Processing Time need for this Service.
    4. Consume By :
      • Select By Session if it is made to sell as Per Session where each usage is counted as 1 Qty.
      • Select By Duration if it is made to sell By Duration where each usage can vary by number of Mins.

How to control the usage of a salon product when a service is perform?

  • To have more precise & more automated control over Salon Product, it can be set which Stock Product will be deducted when every time the service is performed.
  • At Service Information, under the STOCK CONTROL tab.
    1. Select STOCK CONTROL at the Service detail.
    2. Select Add Item to add a Salon Product.
    3. Enter the Salon Item Name and the Usage Amount.
    4. Enter the ‘+’ button to add.
    5. To remove a Salon Product, select on the Delete Button.

control usage salon product

What does Prepaid mean?

At Service Information, under the General tab.

Prepaid are referring to Item (Service/Product) that is paid to the business in advance.

Customer with the Prepaid can come back to redeem the paid Service at the next visit.

Prepaid : By setting to Yes, during the sale Transaction it will auto check as an Prepaid Item.


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