Sale Setting

Setup Sale Setting

Select Setting

sale setting sale1

Select SALE SETTING to setup the Sale.

sale setting sale2


Under SALE & PAYMENT -> Sale, configure on how the Sale Ticket shall behave and look like.

sale setting sale3

Under SALE & PAYMENT -> Payment, configure on how the Payment shall behave and look like.

sale setting sale4

Under Both, determine how both Sale & Payment shall behave.

sale setting sale5

 Under SALE SETTING -> Others, the setting here configure the Sales related activities shall work.

sale setting sale6

  Setup Payment Method

Select Setting

sale setting payment1

Select PAYMENT METHOD to setup.

sale setting payment2

At PAYMENT METHOD, select New.

sale setting payment3


  1. Enter the information, like Payment Method Name.
  2. Add Items: Add the Bank Charge tie to this Payment Method.
  3. Select Save when done.

sale setting payment4

 Setup Charge

 Select Setting.

sale setting charge1

Select CHARGE to manage the facilities inside the salon. 

sale setting charge2

At CHARGE, select New to create a new Charge.

sale setting charge3


  1. Enter the information.
  2. Select Save when done.

sale setting charge4

Setup Tax

Select Setting.

sale setting tax1

Select TAX to manage the tax for the business.

sale setting tax2

At TAX, select New to create a new Tax.

sale setting tax3


  1. Enter the information.
  2. For the Visibility: Select the branch for having this Tax.
  3. Select Save when done.

sale setting tax4

 Setup Follow Up Message

Select Setting.

sale setting notify1

Select MARKETING SETTING to setup the Follow Up Message.

sale setting notify2

At MARKETING SETTING, under Follow Up Message,

  1. Fill in the Information:
    • At Send Via: Select either Email or SMS, the method to send to the customer.
    • Subject/Sender ID: For Email: Type in the Subject, For SMS, type in the Sender ID (Need to register)
    • Follow Up Message: Type in the message.
  2. Select SAVE when done.

sale setting notify4


Design the print out of the invoice

You can customize the print out of the Invoice.

  1. Select the Setting.
  2. Select the Print Setting to access the Sale Invoice setup.

design invoice

At the Print Setting, at the Sale Invoice, select the Pencil to edit.

design invoice 2

At the Print Setting for Sale Invoice,

  1. Header : Select the different option available on how the header of the Invoice look like.
  2. Size & Layout : Choose the Paper Size for the Invoice.
  3. Field : Select & configure how the content of the Invoice shall look like.

When done, select Save / Apply.

design invoice 3


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